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A weird quiz

A- Accent: Not much of one I think, but i do get mush mouthy when i get nervous
B- Breast Size: 36 C!! (Yes, boys and girls, my boobies have gotten bigger!!)
C- Chore you hate: Doing the dishes. Fuck dishes...
D- Dad's Name: Dan. Daddy as i referr to him.
E- Essential make up: Lately i havent worn any. But usually black eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss
F- Favorite Perfume: Secret Crush from Victoria's Secret
G- Gold or Silver: Silver!! (okay, white gold is nice too)
H- Home Town: Murrysvile...A.K.A. The bubble
I- Insomnia: There's a reason im taking this quiz at 4am
J- Job Title: Used to be T.S.R. Currently Unemployed Soon to be Joanné Fabrics
K- Kids: One day, no time soon. Maybe 2 or 3, because being an only child sucks and 4 is a lot
L- Living Arrangements: In a three bedroom apartment, have my own room, also living with Lindsey, Frank, Todd and John. And morrison my bearded dragon and my three betta fish (Walter, Morrison, Freddy Mercury)
M- Mother's Birthplace: I'm not positive... Pittsburgh? She's always lived in this area
N- Number of apples you've eaten: Probably a lot, I love Granny Smith apples.
O- Overnight hospital stays: None yet (knock on wood) but Ive had a few late night trips.
P- Phobias: Puppets, Heights (not high enough to die just high enough to hurt a lot), being alone
R- Religious Affiliation: raised a lutheran (laugh) Now i'm fabulously and flagrently Pagan!
S- Siblings: None, unless you count my parents dog, who they like more then me.
T- Time you wake up: For 8am class- 7 am, for 10:15am class- 9 am, other wise some time around 11pm
U- Unnatural hair colors you've worn- Red head, Brunette, bleach blonde streaks, purple of many shades, RED streaks, Green, and Blue
V- Vegetable you refuse to eat: There isnt one. I love veggies... although beets do bother me.
W- Worst habit: Smooking, nail biting, letting my mind run away with me
X- Xray's youve had: Teeth, feet/ankles, hips, chest
Y- Yummy foods you make: I am the queen of delicious meals out of what ever we happen to have laying around, but my clam chowder is astounding.
Z- Zodiac Sign: Aquarius all the way Baby
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