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late night

I was thinking, and here it is:

Liberals will eventually win out, they always do in history. If liberals hadnt won out we'd all be bowing down to the pope, England would dominate the world through its imperial army and come to think of it, America wouldnt even exist. So, ultimatly, the liberals always win out. The sooner the conservatives realize this, the better.

Things we need more of:
- Love
- Good music
- Tolerence
- Nice people
- Meats on sticks (corn dogs, chinese chicken...thats all, we need more)
- Comfy beds
- People who can appreciate the intrinsic beauty of a well made quilt
- People who can appreciate the beauty of a maple tree
- People who can just appreciate beauty
- Sunny days
- Zoo's
- Amusement parks
- Thrift stores
- People who use their talents

Things we need less of:
- Nuclear weapons
- Idiots in charge of prior suggestion
- Mean people
- Stairs
- Cops in Indiana
- Late night infomercials
- Those dreary, over cast days that never rain but never clear up
- Uber liberal political type groups that cause the world at large to think poorly of us liberal hippies (Things like PETA... PETA needs to grow a set)
- Conseratives in general, especially the religious right.
- Gas prices (in other words, lower them, im poor but i have places to be)
- Managers of establishments who take people down for a job, but never call to confirm.
- Bad Anime on Adult swim
- Those 800 cd sets that they show on the nightly infomercials, no one actually wants to listen to any of that
- Bible thumpers, Jehovah's witnesses, and any one else who goes out in search of recruiting for a religion. It's a faith, not an army.

That is all. Good night all. Blessed Be.
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