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The Vagina Monologs

This evening, I went to see the Vagina Monologs. And let me just say that i found it positivly enlightening. Who would've thought that there was so much to be said about the everyday average organ that every female posseses. I mean, at times, it was a bit much. But it caused me to question the sort of relationship that I have with my snootch (or cooter bug as my room mate so kindly calls it). Honestly, i think my vagina and i have a very good working relationship. She does her thing and I do mine. We dont really need to interact on a one on one basis. And most of the time, she's pretty content.
At any rate, what I really wondered was why there was never a Penis Monologs. I mean, we're only covering half of the human genitalia here. Sure Vaginas have been opressed and simply not discussed more or less since the beginning of time, but still, there needs to be equality among the genitalia! Personally, I'm a fan of the penis. There needs to be a Penis Monologs damn it!! Then I got to thinking, and reminising of the interviews conducted by a certain Miss Brittney and I. We'd ask guys about their penises, what they thought of them, how they worked and so on and so forth. Very curious little girls we were. The penis is the perfect accessory to the vagina, so why was it not discussed? Then I remembered the answers that Miss Brittney and I recieved in our prying and often times rather intrusive interviews. Every guy simply used the opportunity as a chance to brag about size, gurth, or stamina. What ever he felt most redeeming about his extra piece. Why not speak openly about their attatchments? Why do guys seem to detach themselves from their members? Why do they name them? (the joke goes: So that they dont have a total stranger making all their decisions for them). I mean, that part of a male is just that, a part of him, not a seperate entity (although Im sure its comforting to some to think so). I mean, do all guys find themselves so frightfully inadaquet that they have to brag, boast and at times mislead about their extra bits? Men should be happy with what they've got! Women are learning and men should too! Whether you're hung like a horse or a pen cap, Penises of the world UNITE! Be proud of what you're packing! It's not the size that matters, but how you use it (or some other equally cliché phrase).

I leave you with one fun fact. The Clitorus has twice (TWICE) the number of nerve endings as the entire male penis. Think about it.
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