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quizy thing

Answery in song titles

Are you female or male:: Man, I feel like a woman (Shania Twain)
Describe yourself:: I am the walrus(Beatles)
How do some people feel about you:: Beautiful stranger (Madonna)
How do you feel about yourself:: Born too late (The Clarks)
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:: Loser (Beck)
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:: Accidently in love (smash mouth)
Describe where you want to be:: To the moon and back (savage garden)
Describe what you want to be:: Barbie Girl (Ramstein)
Describe how you live:: She moves in mysterious ways (U2)
Describe how you love:: Underneath your clothes (Shakira)
Share a few words of wisdom:: Gerbil Song (Stephen Lynch)

Okay, now im gonna go do my english
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